Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Custom Holiday Cards - as low as .79 each!

These prices are AMAZING! I really don't think they will get any lower than this. We have so many stylish designs to choose from this season. Please check out the Template Gallery to view them. (I love EVERYTHING by Jill Means!) You can also look through the earlier posts on this blog to view my cards from the past 2 years.

We also offer direct shipping! You can upload your address book file and HM will address, stuff, lick and stamp your envelopes for the same price as if you had them shipped to you and you did all that work yourself. They use a nice script font on a woven linen envelope, and they apply first class stamps so that they look personal and won't mistakenly get tossed out with the junk mail.

All cards are 5x7 and can be portrait or landscape. The Greeting Cards are folded cards that can be designed with anything you want on all 4 sides. Our 2-sided card is referred to as either a postcard or an invitation but can be used for any purpose.

HURRY and let me know if you want to order some credits. You can pre-pay for the cards by Monday to get the low price, and then you'll have pre-paid credits in your account ready to be redeemed when you are ready to have your cards printed.

Personalized Plaque/Tile Catalog

These are by far one of the most popular products I create and sell. I think it is because they are quick and easy to create, they can be personalized so they make great gifts, and they are cheap! Please browse this catalog for some of the designs you can choose from. (They are not all my designs - thanks to all the other HM gals for sharing these designs with me!) Then take a look at the next post for details on how you can order some. $15 each - you can't beat the price! Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters, Girlfriends all LOVE these!!

Personalized Tile Catalog

How to Order a Personalized Tile/Plaque

Personalized Tiles Ordering Instructions

Custom Plaques

Mom, No Peeking!

I designed this 2010 calendar for my mom as a Christmas gift. It's 11"x16" and only $24.95 through the end of November. There are so many beautiful choices - please see the flyer that shows some of my favorite designs! Please let me know if you'd like to make some calendars with your own photos and I'll help you get them going. Click here to view the whole calendar I made for my mom.

2010 Calendar Templates

Jesus is the Reason

Thanks to everyone at Journey Church who ordered one of the Advent Calendars. I hope it is meaningful for your family and is used for years to come. (HM friends - I submitted it to the gallery but haven't seen it posted there yet. Send me your digits and I'll transfer it to you.) Click here to view.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandparent's Day!

I remember as a kid we always had 'Bring your Grandparent to School Day' and I think it's sad that my kids' school doesn't have anything like that. Grandparent's Day is not something we normally remember to celebrate, but here's a special trifold greeting card you can send. It's coming soon - Sept 13! Click to view Unisex Version or Girly Version. Either card can be customized for other occasions, too!